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"Everyone has a potential for greatness, not fame, for greatness is determined by service." - Martin Luther King
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We do the same every year when we traveled to VN, in every village we reached, every child we treated, it is the same work, day after day, and year after year, yet every mission trip is filled with excitement and joy. Every year, we try to reach the distant villages that no team has ever been, we spent hours on the dirt road, crossing rivers by boat and ferry, we come to where the children live, in their rural towns, in their elementary schools, we come to say that "YES WE CARE". Our VN 2009 team consisted of volunteers from the US, Canada, and VN. We helped each other, working closely everyday to make seeing 300 kids or more a day possible, what a team. If you see us work, it's like seeing our hearts dance..... In the tropical heat of the long days we treated a sea of school children in our make shift clinics: an exam station, a waiting table where the kids play with puzzles and coloring books while waiting for their turn, 2 stations of fluoride treatment, 2 stations of surgery, 1 station of sterilization, 1 station as pharmacy, and one station as gift package pick-up. Behind the scene we are lucky to have a team of dedicated helpers who boil water to make milk for our patients, get hundreds and hundreds of gift packages ready, cook lunch for our team, bring us drinks and snack during the long day when we had no time to stop for break. Actually there is no break, we start working the minute we reach the school, and we only make a short stop for lunch and then go on until the last kid is treated and there is no more daylight. We travel over 10,000 miles to get to these villages, and we want to help the most kids as we could, that is all to it.
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