Padraic Walsh and Shannon McCarthy, DDS, New York, Volunteer VN 2012
Dr. Lan Jones
Posted 3/15/2012 8:31 PM (#58)
Subject: Padraic Walsh and Shannon McCarthy, DDS, New York, Volunteer VN 2012


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Hi Lan,

Shannon and I had the most amazing experience with you and the team. It was really interesting to meet real Vietnamese people and not just the tourist side of Vietnam. We are still talking about how great the trip was and telling everyone we meet about the hospitality and friendliness that we experienced in Vietnam. Our lives have been changed forever. I really do miss all the fresh breads and fruits that we had, and Shannon is just missing everything about the food. We will definitely be attending another VN Mission. We miss all our new friends and hopefully we can get the 2012 team together again sometime for a comeback mission!!! 

Best wishes, always.

Padraic Walsh - Ireland & New York.

Shannon McCarthy, DDS, Buffalo, New York.

*If you can see Dr. Shannon and Padraic bent over the little school tables and treated the elementary school children all day without a single complaint, you would understand the depth of their compassion and generosity.  They did stop every now and then to twist their bodies, stretched and rubbed their backs with a little moan, but they kept on going until all the children were treated, and they did it all over again the next day, always wearing a smile.  They are team members from heaven!

Lan Jones, DDS, Knoxville, TN, USA

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