Michelle Young, San Jose, California - Volunteer VN 2010
Dr. Lan Jones
Posted 8/22/2010 6:54 PM (#52)
Subject: Michelle Young, San Jose, California - Volunteer VN 2010


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Dear Dr. Lan,

Thank you for taking me on the trip of a lifetime! It was truly an amazing experience, filled with so many deeply seated memories I will never forget.  I count my blessings that you are in my life.  Seeing Vietnam for the first time with DDS4Kids was so incredible!  At times I sit at my desk thinking about the many lives we touched on our trip .... it's just so mind boggling what a little bit of hard work and team effort can do.

During the past week, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my role on the trip (dispensing pain medication, antibiotics, giving toys, comforting the children after treatment).  I realize now why you assigned me to that position.  In essence, you wanted me to build that human connection with my patients and with those around me.  You wanted me to learn about human compassion, to look at the children, look into their eyes and offer them words of comfort in such a stressful time.  I can't even begin to thank you for seeing that potential in me and for trusting me with that role.  I am so grateful for these experiences that continue to haunt my mind as I continue to reflect on our trip.

Thank you for being the best tour guide and mentor a girl could ever have!  DDS4Kids and your commitment to helping others is simply inspiring.  I hope you will continue to spread the spirit of giving in everything you do!  Your personality is simply infectious and has positively impacted other lives (like mine) just being in your presence.

Thank you again for everything!  I'd love to take another trip in the future and help contribute to the organization in anyway that I can.

Best wishes to you in everything that you do.

Love always,

Michelle Young - Master Degree in Biotechnology - San Jose, California

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