DVORA LEVKOVICH -Illinois - Volunteer India - July 2007 - VN 2008
Dr. Lan Jones
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Subject: DVORA LEVKOVICH -Illinois - Volunteer India - July 2007 - VN 2008


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I met Dr. Lan Jones on a recent medical dental mission to the Himalaya’s while I was a non medical helper running the make shift pharmacy. Soon after we met I came to realize how lucky I have been to have met an extraordinary human being, her love, passion, and dedication to the dental world was shown in the care, respect, and love she was giving to each and every person that sat on her “dental chair”. Dr. Jones also had three senior dental students from different parts of the United Kingdom on the team, she helped and guided the students with tremendous enthusiasm, making sure everyone understood the importance of volunteer dentistry, and the importance of community empowerment. She has endless of love to give to the world. You can see how she shines for miles!

DVORA LEVKOVICH - Certified Gemologist - Owner of wholesale diamond company and philanthropist.

Expression of gratitude:

I would like to introduce Ms. Dvora Levkovich to all of you who care enough to want to help people living in deep poverty. She is one of the people who has a beautiful heart, as beautiful as the diamonds she sells. If you or anyone you know are interested in obtaining diamond jewelries at a wholesale price, please contact Ms. Dvora at www.DDIAMANTELTD.com, you will not be disappointed with the care and the service she will give you, and you will be happy to know that she donates generously part of the profit to help better so many lives along the way, and that part of the proceed of your purchase will go to support a good cause. My heartfelt thanks to Dvora for her love and compassion. Lan Jones, DDS

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