HARMEASH KAUR - England - Volunteer India - July 2007
Dr. Lan Jones
Posted 8/22/2007 9:55 PM (#33)
Subject: HARMEASH KAUR - England - Volunteer India - July 2007


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I feel very lucky having had you as our team leader. I can honestly say I learned a lot! Your technique for extractions was brilliant and I had never found it so easy to extract teeth before (at university the way we had been taught to extract teeth always caused me problems and I would always dread oral surgery sessions!) now I can walk into the clinic, with some confidence in my extraction technique and ability!

Working with you I also feel I learned a lot about volunteer dentistry, how to be able to work with very little and also it showed me how even with the wrong instruments you we can get the job done, it just takes more time and patients!

I loved the feeling of satisfaction, having been able to help people who appreciated any form of treatment, however little. even though I know the treatment we provided was not ideal, it was still good to know that I was able to be part of a brilliant working dental team knowing, that I helped relieve dental pain for the locals who have probably lived with daily dental pain for a long time.

Again I would like to thankyou so much for the wonderful experience!

HARMEASH KAUR - Senior Dental Student - University of Birmingham, UK

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