Dr. Lan Jones
Posted 1/10/2007 4:22 PM (#19)

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"Giving aid without education is teaching people to be dependents."

 To relieve dental pain and suffering, to educate children and adults living in deep poverty about dental disease prevention and to provide dental health training in an effort to empower the rural local communities.

Our most important mission as a humaniratarian dental relief organization is to EDUCATE each child in each rural communities about DISEASE PREVENTION and HOW TO MAINTAIN DENTAL HEALTH FOR A LIFE TIME. Even though we performed dental surgeries, treated infection, provided gifts and financial aid to the needy, offered wheelchairs and helped in many other areas to aid the needy, our main purpose is to:

-educate a child

-educate a teacher

-educate a health care worker

-educate a parent

-educate a village officer

-educate a community the importance and benefit of good dental health. Oral health affects the rest of the body, it affects the quality of life, it will affect a person his whole entire life. Dental diseases are preventable. Positive changes begin with education, the mind needs the correct information in order to value and care for the body and others.

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