How many people are on the team?
Dr. Lan Jones
Posted 1/8/2007 7:09 PM (#12)
Subject: How many people are on the team?

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We take great care in organizing our team for each trip. In order to make it safe, fun, effective, and personal, our team are kept small, maximum 10 volunteers on each trip.  Ideally each team will consist of repeat volunteers, new volunteers, with a number of dental professionals and a number of non-dental volunteers as both carry important tasks.  We also make room for a couple of college or dental students since it is also our hope to mentor and encourage young individuals to participate in volunteer work.  Gender, age, and personal preference are also taken into consideration in preparing for the logistic details of the entire trip.

In short, we put tremendous effort in creating a compatible team for each specific trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for the whole team.


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